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Pickering Animal Hospital has been providing outstanding animal care to the Durham communities and far beyond since 1987. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and have built some amazing relationships with our clients over the decades. We have seen our clients’ children grow up and adopt pets of their own.
Our staff look forward to meeting and caring for you and your pets.


X Ray Services

Our onsite x ray equipment provides quick answers to help us manage your pets’ health.

Most x rays can be done without sedation. However, there are times we do need to sedate in order to ensure the comfort of your pet.

This allows for less restraint and a better-quality image. As well, by allowing our staff to step away from the x ray machine, we keep our team healthier too.

End of Life Care

Making the decision to say goodbye to a beloved pet is incredibly difficult .
However, we will assist you in the process, guiding you through the first stages of the decision, outlining the procedural details and going through all options for after care.

All our services are provided by Gateway Pet Memorial, a trusted Canadian company. gatewaypetmemorial.com

Laboratory Services

We use a commercial veterinary lab for most of our services.

We do this in order to provide the broadest and most up to date testing available in veterinary medicine.

Our doctors can also access their wide base of specialists to advise on more complicated case management.

In house testing includes hours of microscope use in order to give immediate information when managing infections and assessing lumps.

Dietary Counselling

The choice of pet food can impact the health of your pet.

We will advise you regarding the different life stages your pet will journey through and the best ways to optimize their health every step of the way. The effective management of many health conditions involves dietary considerations as well.

We carry an extensive line of diets that will aid us in maximizing your pets' chances at robust health.

Dental Care

Pets need dental care too.

Daily brushing or the use of a proven dental care diet is ideal but, in many situations, this is not possible.

When required, we can perform a full dental cleaning and assessment. This requires a general anesthetic which includes intravenous fluids, careful monitoring and of course pain medications as required.

Our assessment of the mouth includes full digital x rays to ensure that everything looks healthy both below and above the gum lines. If diseased teeth are discovered, we will perform oral surgery to carefully remove the tooth and close the site afterwards to speed healing.

All dentals requiring extractions receive a complimentary follow up oral assessment.

Preventative Medicine

The best way to manage illness is to prevent it. In addition to advising you on proper nutrition and weight management, we can also help you choose a vaccine protocol that works for your pet and their specific risk factors.

In addition, we will suggest parasite prevention medications to avoid risk of disease and monitor your pet using routine screening tests. Also, as your pet ages, we can advise you regarding how to maintain their health through the senior years.

Emergency and Critical Care

If you feel your pet requires urgent care, please call us right away and our staff will assess the situation. For care outside of the normal clinic hours please contact the Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region at (905) 576-3031.

They are located in Whitby at 1910 Dundas Street E unit B101. animalemergencydurham.com If we are closed, they are open.

Surgical Procedures

We provide a wide array of surgical services. By spaying our female pets and neutering our males we keep them healthier, avoid unwanted behaviors, certain cancers and infections along with the potential complications of unplanned pregnancies.

We also perform a wide variety of other procedures as required in the maintenance of your pet’s health.

With all our surgeries, your pets receive supportive intravenous fluids, close monitoring of heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation and of course, pain medication both during and after the procedure.

All our surgeries include a complimentary follow up assessment of their recovery and a detailed post-operative care plan.

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Susan Smith

Dr. Sue graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1993 and has been with Pickering Animal Hospital since 1995. 

She became a partner in 2010 and sole owner in 2014 when Dr. Towell retired. She enjoys building relationships with her clients and has gotten to know many of them well through the years. She enjoys all aspects of medicine and the variety of cases that provides. Sue loves working with her team.

Sue lives with her husband, her teenage daughter and son and their herd of pets. Jack the Mini Aussie, Lily the Golden Retriever, the cats George and Cutie, Dolce the rabbit and of course, Christopher the Crested Gecko.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking the dogs, reading and movie nights with the kids.

Dr. Susan McMillen

Dr Susan McMillen graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1998 and has been working at Pickering Animal Hospital since then. 

Susan enjoys the Pickering Animal Hospital family and how well everyone works together for the good of each patient.  She enjoys medicine and surgery but has a keen interest in dentistry and tackles most of Pickering Animal Hospital’s difficult dental cases.   She also treats small pocket pets like rabbits and rats!!

Susan lives in Brooklin with her human family; husband and two teenage daughters and her fur family of three cats, two Boston Terriers and one Lab.  In her spare time, she enjoys wood working; making scrollsaw signs. 

Dayna Budd

Dayna Budd attended the Sheridan College's Animal Care Program and has been working as an Animal Health Technician at Pickering Animal Hospital since November 2001. 

She has worked with animals for over twenty years . Dayna also shares her home with her husband Jason and their two daughters Lyndsey and Lynelle (who keep her very busy).

Taylor Lepage

Taylor Lepage started working at Pickering Animal Hospital as a volunteer while attending high school.

She eventually became a part time employee doing after hours for boarding animals. After graduating High school Taylor attended Durham College and graduated from the Veterinary Assistant Program in 2008.

When not working Taylor enjoys hiking, fishing, reading, and spending time with her cat named Jade.

Leslie Burden

Leslie Burden attended Durham College’s Animal Care program from 2013-2014 and started working at Pickering Animal Hospital in October of 2014.

She is an animal lover and owns Todd her cat a.k.a. Toddy Tickles.

Leslie’s favourite animal is the Dalmation breed of dog.

Leslie enjoys talking to the clients at Pickering Animal Hospital and learning their pets’ stories and is very happy to work in the animal care field which is something she’s always wanted to do.


Michelle Seymour

Michelle Seymour attended Durham College and completed the three-year Medical Administrative Assistant Program. She also attended Loyalist College where she specialized in Pharmacology (two years) along with courses in Biology, Anatomy and Physiology.

Michelle has worked in the animal health care field for over twenty years. She started working at Pickering Animal Hospital during March of 1995. She then took a leave of absence in 2006 and came back to Pickering Animal Hospital in July of 2015.

She lives with her husband Mike, her daughter Grace, her son Jack and their cat Zoe. Michelle enjoys working at Pickering Animal Hospital due to its family like atmosphere and loves the clients and patients she meets on a daily basis.

Amanda Tyo

Amanda attended the Animal Care program at Durham College in 2017-2018. After completing her co-op placement, she started working at Pickering Animal Hospital as a full time employee in 2019.

Amanda has always loved animals and enjoys supporting Pickering Animal Hospital’s veterinarians in their pursuit of helping little fur patients get better.

Amanda enjoys hanging out with friends and family and giving lots of cuddles to one of the clinic’s cats, Kitty.

Taylor Bedley

Taylor started as a co-op student at Pickering Animal Hospital during high school, and later joined the team part-time as she went on to complete Durham College’s Animal Care Program in 2019.

Taylor has always wanted to work with animals, and now finds her daily involvement with dogs, cats and pocket pets very rewarding. She has also volunteered her time at a farm to gain hands-on experience with cows, horses, sheep and many more!

When not at the clinic, you can find Taylor spending time with her two golden retrievers, Penny and Sadie, or exploring outdoors with friends and family. Taylor enjoys the family-like experience of being a part of the Pickering Animal Hospital team along with meeting patients and owners every day. 

Our History

Pickering Animal Hospital

Dr. Towell was born in Leicstershire England and moved to Canada with his family in 1967 deciding to settle in Durham Region.
Dr. Towell graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph in 1986. After graduation he worked at the Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic. He then co-founded Pickering Animal Hospital in April of 1987. Dr. Towell retired in February 2014. He is seen here with Buddy and Kobe.original founder of the hospital Dr.


Dr. Towell


" I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs.... They are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no right to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty "
James Herriot

Award Winning Service.

Pickering Animal Hospital has been providing quality pet care to both the Durham and Toronto communities since 1987. We warmly invite you and your pets to experience our award winning service.

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